Letter to Baugh – ESY 1987

Extended school year (ESY) services

Letter to Baugh (July 2, 1987), 211 EHLR 481: When extended school year services are an issue, they must be discussed at an IEP meeting. Limiting extended school year programs to students with severe and profound disabilities is contrary to the requirements of the statute that special education and related services be designed to meet the unique needs of individual students. Extended school year programs may not be limited in duration for all students. An extended year program, including related services needed, may differ from the regular school year program. It is not necessary to make a separate showing of regression and poor recoupment for related services; rather, it is only necessary to show that the service is needed to benefit from the special education provided in summer programs.

The letter is only in what appears to be a pdf of a scan of a copy of the letter and you can see it here.