My name is Craig, and I started this community.

I personally have been advocating for severely disabled students for twenty-one years. Not all of that professionally … I have two severely disabled children. I learned about advocacy the hard way, on my own. In the beginning there was no one to hire, to consult with. Even the school district was new to special education, they had sent all the special needs students to another district. It was the year my daughter started that they brought it back. I have been helping other families for several years, have studied the laws, and have the backing of our own school district’s administration for advocating with the districts other families! They know I know the law, they know I know how to work with them, and they know I will not stop until everyone has a fair deal and what the child needs. But it is with mutual respect, and being right.

Why start this community? First, I know there is a lot of information that parents are just not accessing. Second, I know that parents can learn from the successes of other parents. And third, it is important that parents, advocates, and lawyers can all have a forum to interact, share information, “network,” and reach out.

I will be blogging, as others involved in this effort will be, as we go forward.

Let’s make sure our children get the education they need and deserve.

It does not need to be difficult. You do not need to be alone. Let us guide you, stand next to you, and stand up for you when needed. Your child deserves no less.

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