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Informal Approaches to Resolving Disputes

In all cases where the family and school disagree, it is important for both sides to first discuss their concerns and try to compromise. There are several, relatively informal ways in which parents and school staff might attempt to work out disagreements regarding a child’s special education program. Two of these are to: This resource page will tell you a bit more about each of these approaches. … Read the rest

Five Options, 1-2-3

There are times when parents and schools simply do not agree on some issue affecting a child’s education. They may try informal approaches to resolving the conflict, such as reviewing and revising the child’s IEP or holding a facilitated IEP meeting (an approach emerging in the field). When these don’t result in agreement on what represents an appropriate education for a child, the law (IDEA) provides several approaches that parents and schools can use to help resolve the dispute. … Read the rest

Dispute Resolution

This info in Spanish | Esta información en español In drafting the provisions of IDEA, our nation’s special education law, Congress clearly contemplated that, at times, there would be disagreements between parents of children with disabilities and the school districts providing special education and related services to their children. While it is expected that parents and school personnel will work in partnership to ensure children with disabilities are provided appropriate services, there are times when the child’s parents and school officials cannot reach consensus on what constitutes a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for an individual child.  … Read the rest

Self advocacy

If you are feeling as though the is not providing you with proper evaluations or services, you disagree with evaluation results, or you feel your child requires services, but the team has determined that they do not qualify, it can be a frustrating and confusing time. Many families cannot fund a Special Education , or in worst case scenarios, an Educational Attorney. … Read the rest