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Visual Impairment, Including Blindness

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Julian’s Story

When Julian was almost two years old, he developed this adorable habit of closing one eye when he looked at you. … Read the rest

Learning Disabilities (LD)

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 Sara’s Story

When Sara was in the first grade, her teacher started teaching the students how to read. … Read the rest

Other Health Impairment

“Other Health Impairment” is one of the 14 categories of disability listed in our nation’s special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Under IDEA, a child who has an “other health impairment” is very likely to be eligible for special services to help the child address his or her educational, developmental, and functional needs resulting from the disability. … Read the rest

Multiple Disabilities

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Sharon’s Story

Sharon is an active five year old who loves to spend time with her grandmother. … Read the rest

Intellectual Disability

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Matthew’s Story

Matt is 15 years old. … Read the rest

Emotional Disturbance

The mental health of our children is a natural and important concern for us all. The fact is, many mental disorders have their beginnings in childhood or adolescence, yet may go undiagnosed and untreated for years. (1) We refer to mental disorders using different “umbrella” terms such as emotional disturbance, behavioral disorders, or mental illness. … Read the rest

Deafness and Hearing Loss

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Caroline’s Story

Caroline is six years old, with bright brown eyes and, at the moment, no front teeth, like so many other first graders. … Read the rest